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Submitted by Kristi on 5/11/05 at 4:45 PM. ( )

One thing that I struggle with, being kinda new at this and being part-time, is planning my work (on the tanning side). I usually go the conservative route and block out a whole weekend to thaw something out, flesh it and salt it. Whenever it's thawed out (or sometimes during the process), I start fleshing.

I'd like to leave something in the ice chest, or in cool water, or some other method, and have a pretty accurate idea of when it will be ready so I can work on fleshing in the evenings.

Can you give me some good ideas on how to manage this? How do you thaw stuff (flat, whole, rolled up, etc.), and how long in a room temperature setting or in an ice chest would it take to thaw out?

I'd also be interested in using denatured alchohol/water mixture for thawing stuff out if that means cheap insurance for preventing slippage. The archives mention this some, but not much for mammals like deer, coyote, and bobcat...anybody got any insight on that?

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This response submitted by lee on 5/11/05 at 7:26 PM. ( )

bobcats and coyotes frozen whole i take out 8am the morning before i plan on skinning them, it usually works well but they are still a little frosty. experiment with it, you will figure it out. as far as the denatured thing, im not shure about that, i think you are better off without it.


This response submitted by lee on 5/11/05 at 7:28 PM. ( )

forgot, dont thaw any haired animal in water, thats just asking for trouble.

Kristi call me

This response submitted by Laurier on 5/12/05 at 8:15 AM. ( )

call me at (705)476-0483 and I will explain to you the best and easiest way.


This response submitted by Kristi on 5/13/05 at 5:41 PM. ( )

Thanks... I appreciate that. I will call you in the next few days sometime. My schedule's crazy between now and Thursday, so I'm not sure when.

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