Liqui tan VS other brush on tans

Submitted by Paul on 5/7/05 at 11:17 PM. ( )

Im going to mount a bear I got as a life size and would like imput on brush on tans. I have used liqui tan for deer capes and I am wondering how it would work for bear or if there are any other better ones out there (mackenzie). Also Im wondering if once I find a good pickle solution, and tanning meathod, can I use it for everything from coons to coyotes to grizzly bears, or is there alot of differences in tanning big and small things other then longer pickleing and more shaving. Thanks

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This response submitted by paul on 5/8/05 at 9:25 AM. ( )

there are big differences, find a good tannery and send your bears there! money well spent!

Liqua-Tans fine

This response submitted by John W. on 5/9/05 at 8:44 AM. ( )

Paul, Liqua-Tan will work fine fine on your bear.As far as pickle solutions ,I personally like Safety acid the best,the ph level stays around 1-11/2,it really plumps the hide up for shaving,gives a very nice white hide.

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