Which does a better job Stop n Rot or Stop Slip ?

Submitted by Matthew on 5/22/05 at 10:57 PM. ( txhunter992003@yahoo.com )

Hello everyone,
I thought I would ask which product would be better to buy to stop or prevent hair slippage around the ears after they are thawed, turned and then salted. Does Van Dykes Stop Slip or Stop n Rot do a better job preventing and stopping areas of hair slippage around the ears on animals such as Grey Fox, Bobcat, Coyote.
The reason is I always have problems with the hair starting to slip around the ears even after the fur side of the ear is salted.

Any preventive measures ?

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One of my hides has been thawed and re frozen

This response submitted by Matthew on 5/22/05 at 11:31 PM. ( same )

I just thought I would mention this I have a bobcat pelt that I trapped that I want to tan. I have thawed it once and reforzen it. and it was cold outside then howvever the reaosn for this was someone locally here wanted to buy it and the deal fell through then it happened again a second time. My question now is the ears what chemical should I apply to the ears to prevent slipping ? Thereofore should I apply stop n rot to the whole pelt or slip stop ?

What is the best measure for me to take ?

stop slip

This response submitted by Mr. T on 5/22/05 at 11:37 PM. ( )

Stop Slip looks like water, and dries clear after 24 hours, acting like a glue. It is used after the tan if you find a slip spot while mounting. It stiffens up the area were the hair is falling out. Just cut out the slip spot, sew shut, spray on stop slip and let it dry. It will hold down the area, but it is not super glue.
Stop Rot will kill bacteria in a raw cape condition. Use Stop Rot first, and you may never need Stop Slip.
These are two COMPLETLY different products.

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