repairing tears in a fur coat

Submitted by jaye on 6/6/05 at 8:56 AM. ( )

i just bought a great fur coat but the shoulder has tears. was going to glue something leather to the underside. any advice on glue or anything else? thanks!

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Tear Mender

This response submitted by Old Fart on 6/6/05 at 9:29 AM. ( )

I use a product called Tear Mender, I get it at Ace Hardware. It's made by VAL-A CHICAGO,INC., 700 W. Root St., Chicago Ill 60609. It has lots of other uses too, when you're dealing with fabric to fabric or leather. As long as the surface is porous so the glue can penetrate. It will work on your coat and stays flexable.


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Sounds like a FeeBay find (or similar - flea market, or thrift store find). Oh tons of awesome fur coats, just that they're all 30-90 years old (average is 45) with shoulder tears, pit tears, seat wear, mothballs smells, and bare cuffs...

These garments are for the most part, dry rotted, and cannot be machine-sewn.

Take it to a furrier. For what you probably spent on it, paying 50 bucks to get it repaired is more then worth it. Most will probably charge you less then that but 50 bucks is a good ballpark. Support your local businesses.

Or you can try that glue thing. If you intend to resell, you have to label it "contains damaged fur" as per USA law, if you do so.

Not true!

This response submitted by Wolfwoman on 6/6/05 at 7:25 PM. ( thepredator AT )

I buy old coats (yes on eBay) and make things from them ALL the time. Mittens, hats, teddy bears, etc. SOME of them had areas of fur that were not useable, probably because of the age of the coat, but if a fur is taken care of it can be re-used! If you can't sew it, there is a flexible fabric mending tape that you can buy at JoAnn Fabrics (or similar store) that will stick to the leather side of the fur. I usually put one strip on each side, then sew together.

If you have more questions please email me, as I've made 100s of items from used coats and NEVER had a complaint from a buyer. In fact, I have had people reorder from me! Everyone is aware that the fur they are getting is recycled, as I'll quote them a price on 'new' and 'used' fur.

Take care,

The Wife is a furrier

This response submitted by trapper on 6/8/05 at 9:26 PM. ( )

And I was suprised that they use cape tape! I believe the system is avaible from McKenzie!

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