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re: post below.
in todays tannery;
most tanneries and city governments are better off to worry/focus on the water supply system and the backflow or backsiphonage devices. our state law states "where cross-connections exist, a fixed proper air gap or an approved backflow prevention device must be installed."
and "inspected annually by a plummer licenced by the state." [and at no small cost i might add.]

this is to prevent a break in a water line [such as happens in extreme dry or cold weather, or from a digging accident, from letting any saline fluids or acid pickels etc. back flowing into the drinking water.

neutralized discharges from rittles syntan, or salt brine etc. are not going to be an environmental problem. and indeed may actually help with the city affluent.

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What are you talking about? This is a copy of the message you already posted. The backflow device you are talking about is required by town codes. (i.e. It is installed as a matter of requirements.)

The only way the sewer line will mix with the water line in the case of a break is if the two are very close in the ground to each other. If there is a digging break, then the backflow device won't prevent anything! The backflow device is at the building.

So, what are you trying to say here?

I have a question too

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Why would pickling solutions ever come in to contact with potable water lines? What the heck is a cross connection? I hope like heck you aren't saying that in your state that sewer is on the same line as water! If I did have a water line break near a sewer line I would be more worried about the other nasty crap that folks throw down the toilet i.e. syringes, sanitary napkins, and not to mention PooPooCaCa!

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