Picking a tan

Submitted by pjk#2 on 8/6/05 at 9:55 AM. ( )

Just looking for opinions,I only mount 8 too 15 deer heads a winter am I better served to use a tan like liqua-tan or should I go threw the process and use a tan such as lutan-f. I have used the liquid tan with great resultes and find it simple for the fact I can work on the cape one at a time as soon as they come in and I don't need to play with ph levels and a bunch of mixing ,is this the way to go thanks.

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Then stick with a winner

This response submitted by George on 8/6/05 at 11:08 AM. ( georoof@aol.com )

Why change? If it works for you, there's no need to complicate the process. Ken Walker won lots of awards using Liqui-Tan. You can only hope to be so fortunate.

liqua tan

This response submitted by paul bunyan on 8/6/05 at 8:58 PM. ( )

too greasy for me persnally, but to each his own. For the limited no# of capes you do , I would look into krowtann. Much easier to deal with, and more cost effective. George is going to smash this post due to his personal hatred for the stuff. Bottom line it works and works well. Heck the stuff even penetrates a scrap piece of hog sheild over 1 inch thick, see if your other tans can do that.

Try Whitetail Designer System

This response submitted by Randal on 8/6/05 at 9:45 PM. ( )

You may want to try there Cam-L-C tan. It has no oily feel to it and makes a excellent tan. It looks and feels simular to cream rinse .I seem to get more stretch than from McKenzies and liqua tan. I use a pickle before tanning also. Randall

Nah, no more

This response submitted by George on 8/6/05 at 10:13 PM. ( )

I've made the only case I had and if anyone's not in agreement with it, more power to them. I don't use Liqui-Tan either remember?


This response submitted by mark on 8/8/05 at 1:14 PM. ( )

The only reason for the penetration is the low ph value. Crow tans not cheaper to use it actually costs more and does not have any softners built in. You can wash the liqua Tan skin before you mount it if you have it on the hair. You only need enough tan to coat the surface.

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