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I have a couple of foxes. One is going to die soon and it will be my first animal to be skinned. Since I am living in a humid and rainy country, I am afraid that my fox hide will take FOREVER to be dehydrated. Is there any ways which I can speed up the procedure? For instance, use a normal hair-dryer? PLacing it over a fire pit may not seem a good idea as rain may pour any time. Help! How should I do this?

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Since you have electricity to run a hair-dryer, my suggestion is that you use said electricity to run a fan on it for 12 hours, with a de-humidifier nearby, if you have one of those. Hair dryers have heat which will ruin the leather by cooking it.
If you do not have a dehumidifier, you can always roll the fox pelt in salt, getting the salt in to all the places on the skin, and then stretch the pelt over a wooden board called a "stretcher" and then put the fan on it. Make sure you split the tail all the way to the tip and keep the leather side exposed to the flowing air.
Also, turn the ears inside out and make sure the newly formed "ear pouch" gets all dry.
You may wish to freeze the whole fox, and give it to a taxidermist for proessional skinning, if you cannot do these steps.

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