Pickel ?

Submitted by jason on 8/8/05 at 2:52 PM. ( jasonbossley@hotmail.com )

I have been doing some reading in the archives about tanning, but did not see exactly what I was looking for. I did read that after having your cape in the pickle (I am using safte-acid) for a least 3 days take it out and shave it then return it back into the pickle for another day, well I have done all that but I was looking at the cape today and decided it was not thin enough so I saved it down some more (this being the 4th day in pickle). My question is do I have to leave it in the pickle another day or can I just neutralize and tan it. If I have understood what I have been reading the reason for returning the cape back to the pickle after shaving was to let those areas that were saved to be penetrated with the pickle more. The cape does seems to be white all they way through (which I also read that this was the way to detriments if it was pickled thoroughly. Thanks for the help, I am trying the home tanning thing now, I have always sent all my capes out for tanning.

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does'nt hurt to have it in there

This response submitted by bruce on 8/8/05 at 5:03 PM. ( )

it will be good to leave it in there. it wont hurt it. just leave it in for 24 more hours and then continue.

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