George one more ? on JRTS if you please

Submitted by paul e on 8/11/05 at 11:01 AM. ( )

ive read every post in the archives
there were three full pages
a lot of good info was given
there was some mention of soaps and alkaline
i was wondering if you ever use any like kemal 4(it has a farely low p.h.) or anything else
i think i read you use the presoak and warm water after the tanning
im asking because the one im fixing to do is really dirty and bloody
ive you could embellish(i looked that word up )me a little on
the washing part of your routine
it would seem that you shy away from washing up front

i would appreciate any info
i dont wont to walk through a mine field someone with your experience
has already been through

as always thanks for your time and assistance

good hunting paul e

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Paul, all I use is the Pre-Soak

This response submitted by George on 8/11/05 at 2:14 PM. ( )

Now the Epo-Grip Blood0ut/Degreaser is hard to beat on dissolving grease and blood, but the pH is especially high and I use extra precautions if I think it's necessary. I don't recall ever needing it on deer. The hair is hollow of course, and nothing really "sticks" to it that can't be washed off with milder soap. In those cases (pronghorn and white sheep especially) where the blood is allowed to set in, the blood actually penetrates the hair through osmosis and is virtually impossible to remove completely. That's true regardless of what tan or tannery you use and just a fact of life to be lived with.

When I get a hide in, I MAY rinse it off. I WILL rinse it if it has any entrail offal on the hair as that's a guaranteed way for the hide to slip. Most times, I cape it and freeze it. Then I thaw it, flesh it and salt it. Then I tan it and freeze it. I thaw it and WASH IT THEN right before mounting. I just don't think the stronger soap is a necessity on most whitetails.

thanks again George

This response submitted by paul e on 8/11/05 at 5:31 PM. ( )

going to order some some time soon
got a little injury yesturday
ive got to take a couple weeks off
till i can move my shoulder again

i was hoping you or someone had used kemal 4 with the JRTS

ive used it in the past but never with this tanning cream

good hunting paul e

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