Submitted by Greg on 8/15/05 at 1:10 AM. ( )

Ive heard Bruce talk about how KWIK-N-EZE and EZ-tan are both popular tans, just wondering if KWIK-N-EZE will realy do a good job on a bear (as good as a soak tan). If it would do the same job I would rather use it because of the simplicity of it.

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Paint-on Tans are easy to use.............but!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 8/17/05 at 8:58 AM. ( )

Paint-on tans are easy to use for mounting - but if you plan on using the piece for a rug or wall hanging trophy - then you must consider oiling it more after applying the paint-on. It's an extra step that is needed to ensure softness when the skin dries.

My choice would be to soak tan it using the EZ-100 instead. Soak tans provide the best softness and stretch. After soaking overnight, then rinsing, draining and oiling - simply fold it to soak up the oil for 3-4 hours or overnight, and then hang it to dry. Actually, when you consider having to add more oil to a paint-on tan for rug softness, using a soak type of tan isnt that much more work.

kwik-n-ez will work

This response submitted by John W. on 8/17/05 at 11:56 AM. ( )

Greg, Bruce is right on the money,but you can use a paint on tan and still get a really soft hide,but this is achieved through breaking the hide.I have several bear hides in my shop done with Liqua-Tan,that are just as soft as the hides I have done with EZ-100 and Lutan-f.The Liqua-Tan hides were only painted on with the Liqua-Tan ,no other oil was used,but like I said you have to break the hide to achieve the softness.

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