New to all this

Submitted by J.R. Wright on 8/20/05 at 10:16 AM. ( )

New to the fur/taxidermy trade. I would like to pursue some trapping and tanning, (for hobby for me and my boys and maybe a chance to get a little money to pay for some of the hunting expense) but not sure the best route to go to learn. I have a few books to read and the internet, but the info seems overwhelming. What is your advise? I actually kicked around the idea of taxidermy and going to school but unsure if it would be that profitable of a business here. Just love to hunt and make something of it. Thanks for any input. jrw

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You are on the right tract!

This response submitted by jrosbor on 8/20/05 at 12:38 PM. ( )

This site has a wealth of info in the archives! Go to the left side of the page and click on the orange search button. Type in whatever comes to mind. if nothing comes up, post that question in the correct category on the left. This sight also has a wealth of info with the people that frequent this forum. Most of the old timmers on here have made just about every stupid mistake that can be made! The best advice I could give, Look first, ask second, and try it last! Have a good one! Joe


This response submitted by paul on 8/20/05 at 11:01 PM. ( )

consider this! taxidermy is fun and enjoyable, if you really wanna make it, your hunting season will become very short! the question is
will you love taxidermy as much as you love to hunt?

Old at Taxidermy

This response submitted by Dennis on 9/3/05 at 2:15 PM. ( )

I really think you would enjoy Taxidermy. jrosobor is right. There is a wealth of information here. I received my Diploma from the North Western School of Taxidermy in 1965. I have been mounting since I received my first book. I learned everything on my own, and reading. I still have to look at a VCR tape. I probably need to. I learned from experience, I made the short Y cut 20 years ago. Since I got on this forum 2 weeks ago I cannot get any work acomplished. I cannot stop reading. I still make mistakes but; BOY DO I learn from them. Have a nice day.

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