Is The EZ 100 Tan a dry or wet tan ?

Submitted by Matthew on 8/26/05 at 5:50 PM. ( )

Hello I have some capes and hides that I will sell either on here or on ebay in a few months I wanted to know if I use EZ 100 Tan by Bruce Rittel. What is this kind of tan called when I sell the pelts is this a wet or dry tanned does anyone here know what exactly should I call it wet or dry when I sell these tanned hides ?

Any help is appreciated.


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wet and dry

This response submitted by wet and dry on 8/26/05 at 6:03 PM. ( )

If the skin has been oiled, the tan is dry and the skin is very soft, you can sell that as a garment tan.

If the skin has been tanned and oiled and is very stiff, you can sell that as a dry tan for taxidermy or garment use, if washed and broken by the winner.

and if the skin is tanned and wet and has not been oiled, that is a wet tan for taxidermy only.

Each tan and sale has it's advantages. Try them all. See what suits you best.

Wet and Dry, who's tannery are YOU using

This response submitted by George on 8/26/05 at 6:37 PM. ( )

My wet tanned hides come back to me oiled. Sorry to hear about yours.


This response submitted by Wayne R on 8/26/05 at 8:07 PM. ( )

After being tanned with EZ-100 it will need to be oiled, right after it has drained for about 20 mins. If you decide to mount it right away while it is wet, or freeze it, and mount it later, I guess you could consider this a wet tan. I prefer to get my measurements off the cape, oil it and then let it dry. When I have all my forms in according to the size I got from the EZ-100 tanned capes, I will then rehydrate each cape the day before and let it sweat in the refridgerator overnight and mount it the next day. I guess you could consider this a dry tan.

We use EZ-Tan (EZ-100)

This response submitted by jrosbor on 8/26/05 at 11:31 PM. ( )

I must say... if it's WET it's wet. If it's DRY it's dry. It's that simple! It doesn't matter how stiff or oiley it is. It's eithor a wet tan or a dry tan. You can take as many steps as you want to have whatever end result you would like (Drying, Breaking, De-hairing, exc.) My recomendation, I would sell them frozen, wet tanned (And yes they must be oiled!) this way your customers will not complain about getting a peice of card board. If they request that you dry it out to save on shipping, fine! They know it will be like a peice of card board when they get it.
BTW! EZ-Tan is a wet tan, dry tan, and a garment tan. I use it allmost exclusively in my shop! It works on everything from antelope to zebras. Joseph R Osborn (Hunter's Dream Taxidermy)

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