How much meat to remove

Submitted by Greg on 8/28/05 at 11:36 PM. ( )

I have a bear rug to do, and before i salt it I need to know how much of the red meat and fat has to come off for the salt. I got most of it off, but am unsure if every spec needs to be removed for the salt to do its work. So how much fat and how much meat needs to be off?

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ALL of it

This response submitted by George on 8/28/05 at 11:48 PM. ( )

Not that fat should be left at all, but red meat is a one-way ticket to spoilage and slippage. Sure, a thin scrap or two may not cause a problem, but the correct answer is ALL RED MEAT needs to be removed as does the fat. Salt can't penetrate heavy fat and will create a barrier of dry fat to keep other from penetrating. A bear hide should be light to dark blue before you start salting it. If it's not, you've got more to get off.

Also consider

This response submitted by AndyO on 8/29/05 at 9:26 AM. ( )

using stop rot or stop slip on the hide while fleshing. The stop rot is added insurance-- especially if you still need to skin out the paws.

dont cut the hair roots

This response submitted by oldshaver on 8/29/05 at 8:30 PM. ( )

George covered it good. But remember, there is a fine line between not enough, and too much.


This response submitted by Dave on 8/30/05 at 6:00 AM. ( )

when it looks like specks of pepper on the hide! Good Luck Dave

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