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Submitted by DJ on 8/31/05 at 11:40 PM. ( )

Ok...First thing I would like to say is I am new to tanning. I used to dp but wanted to try tanning capes prior to mounting for longevity reasons and believe I will have a better finished product. I had a cape brought to me by a guy that was still frozen on the head. I had to thaw and skin (face was really the only thing to thaw completely, I skinned the rest frozen). I took the cape out later and fleshed it...refroze it. Removed it one more time and placed in Krowtan mixture. Let it sit for three days (changing position of cape everyday) and then shaved it, neutralized it and place it back in the freezer. I got the cape out today to mount and it is slipping like crazy around the shoulder areas. My first hunch is I took it out and fleshed it instead of fleshing it and placing right into the krowtan (decided to try tanning after it was already fleshed and frozen again). The face is fine and not slipping and wonder if the problem is the fact that the shoulder area was thawed a lot sooner than the face of the deer prior to skinning. I don't completely understand what I am supposed to do when I am done neutralizing...do I dry the cape completely or let it drip and put it back in the freezer damp? When I go to mount it I will have to wash it and how dry should it be when I mount it? Do I tumble a tanned cape? Is salt drying necessary? I hope this makes sense and I did look in the archives for assistance but I am really confused. Thank you for your time.

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This response submitted by Becky P on 9/1/05 at 9:30 AM. ( )

I always completely flesh/shave my capes before Krowtanning them. If it's real bloody/dirty I also wash it first. After tanning four 4 -5 days, turning daily, I neutralize them, wash with tide, drip dry for one to two hours, refreeze, thaw, if it needs to drain more - let it, tumble, then mount. I have not had any problems (so far). I do not salt dry capes that I'm using Krowtann on. Hope this helps. BP

I think

This response submitted by AndyO on 9/1/05 at 9:35 AM. ( ajossola@yahoo.com )

there's too much freeze and thawing. To answer your questions directly: Yes, I think the cape slipped because the shoulder area was thawed too long. I like to use Stop rot as added insurance.

After neutralizing you can drip dry cape for 30min or spin it in a washing machine, then oil, mount, or freeze (yes, it goes back in the freezer damp).

There should be no need to wash the cape before you mount it. I dont tumble tanned capes. Some people believe you get more sheen out of the cape by tumbling.

I believe salting is necessary to set hair (some people disagree). I dont think you salt when using Krowtann-- you need to follow the instructions for that product.

These are my opinions and what works best for me.

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