Should dry tanned hides be frozen after tanning ?

Submitted by Matthew on 9/2/05 at 12:18 PM. ( )

I just finshed tanning a couple of hide bobcat coyote and a ringtail cat that I tanned with Ez 100 Tanning powder By Bruce Rittel. They are not oily or anything and they are in good shape my question is : since they are tanned can I leave them at room teperature now or do I have to freeze them ? The bobcat is in good shape for a rug and possibly lifesize it has its feet attached and is cased skinned. Can it still be used for lifesize if its dry tanned and completed at room teperature or does it need to be frozen it has been out of the tan and dried for about two weeks or so ? I hope its ok to sell for lifesize please let me know ?

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My vote is with the freezer

This response submitted by George on 9/2/05 at 2:39 PM. ( )

It keeps the moisture from creeping back into the hide and causing problems down the road. I always freeze all my tanned hides until I use them.

what happens if you don't use the freezer ?

This response submitted by Matthew on 9/2/05 at 4:18 PM. ( same )

George I see and feel your point but it just takes up more freezer space besides do you guys wet the capes after they are dry tanned to do lifesize please fill me in on this.
It just you know takes up more room and im already running low on sapce if not does that mean it can't be used for lifesize or a rug ?

Shelf life

This response submitted by John on 9/2/05 at 7:37 PM. ( )

is diminished. If you keep it around for a few years it may fall apart on you when you rehydrate it. Yes, you can sell it mountable dry. It just needs to be rehydrated by the person that buys it. I hope you skinned the feet. You said the feet are still there. It's gonna start stinkin pretty quick!

Store them in your Shop.....dry!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 9/2/05 at 11:44 PM. ( )

I personally tan a cape and after oiling and sweating - hang it and simply let it dry until I'm ready to mount it. I try to avoid freezing and store it hanging somewhere in my shop. Since its tanned with EZ-100 there's no problem with its longevity - the cape should outlast us all. Just keep it fairly dry. The EZ-100 is an extremely persistent tannage and does not recombine to form acid in the skin.

The only time I would freeze a tanned cape is after I've oiled and sweated it, then did a quick 5 minute tumble in sawdust and solvent to remove the excess moisture and any oil splash on the cape! This way it's a lot like a "wet tanned" cape. However - like I mentioned - I always prefer to keep my freezer free if possible - and I usually always dry them like above.

I did skin the feet and I fleshed them and cleaned

This response submitted by Matthew on 9/5/05 at 12:54 AM. ( same )

all the meat out of them. and salted them real good just covered em with salt and rubbed them into the flesh then left them inside out so I could pickle and then tan them to last.

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