Dakota Pro w/Micro Adjust vs. Eager Beaver

Submitted by Tony Haynes on 9/5/05 at 12:56 AM. ( tonyhaynes@williams-net.com )

I am looking to purchase 2 new shavers and I am currently using the Dakota V right now but I am looking at 2 new ones for my tannery. If any of you have the NEW Pro from Dakota or an Eager beaver can you tell me why they are the best. To be more specific is the ability to adjust these two machines as good as what I hear. If you have any details I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance...

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This response submitted by Dane on 9/5/05 at 1:56 AM. ( )

I have an eager beaver and shy of the customer service it is great. It took me almost 4 months to get it (ordered it through Bruce but he really kept on stuarts about getting it to me) but it was worth the wait. You can adjust it any way you want to. I could not imagine a better designed, quieter or more adjustable machine. Truely worth the money.

I can

This response submitted by George on 9/5/05 at 8:31 AM. ( georoof@aol.com )

And I'm telling everyone I see that the Pro is probably the very best machine I've ever seen. All the best ideas of the best machines were used and incorporated in this unit. I DON'T own one as I'm happy with my Rawhide Fur Dresser, but if I'd had the choice back then, I'd have bought the Pro model.


This response submitted by Tony Haynes on 9/5/05 at 11:07 PM. ( tonyhaynes@williams-net.com )

Have you had the chance to use a Pro model yet?

I have not used it, but I did inspect it closely

This response submitted by George on 9/6/05 at 8:50 AM. ( )

Van Dykes had it at the Nationals in Sioux Falls and I went over the machine very closely. It really is an exceptional piece of work with cast and machined parts, bronze and aluminum guards and shields, micro-adjustments and Van Dykes is now selling two different blades: a high walled edge one (I don't like) and a thin edged one (similar to the Rawhide blade I love). I like the drive mechanism and the shaving chute that keeps scraps out of the mechanism. I like that machine. (And before someone asks, NO, Van Dykes isn't paying me. If they did, I'd take one of those machines as payment.)

I have the Pro model

This response submitted by Ritchie Ferrier on 9/6/05 at 1:06 PM. ( ferrier@cfw.com )

Bought it in March @ the Virginia State show. It is all George says it is. Exceptional quality, easy to adjust, easy to clean and you can shave the hair off a fly's a$$ without cutting your finger!


This response submitted by Tony Haynes on 9/6/05 at 11:11 PM. ( tonyhaynes@williams-net.com )

Thanks for the info guys you have helped me a ton! Keep on stichin'

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