Tanning A Stinkin Bear

Submitted by Lance on 9/25/05 at 8:41 AM. ( )

before you guys tell me " send it to be done commercially" I really want to do this myself just so I have the satisfaction of knowing I can. What I need to know is what is the best method of degreasing these stnking things? And what should I use as a good deoderizer?I believe I've got it right so far: Skin and flesh as much as possible, turn eyes, ears, lips.... salt dry hard.... rehydrate.... pickle 3 days( safety Acid)...... One final flesh and back in pickle for 1 more day...DEGREASE (where I need help".... neutralize.... tan (liqua-tan} If I'm way off base...Can someone give a bit of insight as to the method that works for these animals?
Thanks guys..... Lance!

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This response submitted by lee on 9/25/05 at 10:25 AM. ( )

i use the degreaser from reasearch, mix it with water in a tub and soak it for an hour after it has been pickled and shaved. There are several degreasers out there that work well, just follow the directions on the bottle.

It's not rocket science...

This response submitted by AndyO on 9/25/05 at 10:31 AM. ( ajossola@yahoo.com )

just a lot of work. My steps are as follows: skin, turn, flesh, salt. Rehydrate, pickle for couple days, shave, degrease (I use Tannery Degreaser sold by McKenzie). Put back in NEW pickle for couple days, shave, then I hit it with a wire wheel set up with three medium wire wheels. The wire wheel will clean out fat pockets and get in between the hair folicals. Then I degrease again, wash, rinse, tan (I use Lutan FN), neutralize, oil, tumble, mount or freeze.

The most important thing is getting all the flesh and fat off the animal-- that translates into a lot of work. All rug work gets sent off-- I cant replicate what the pros can put out.

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