Difference between dry and wet tans?

Submitted by Mike on 9/26/05 at 5:20 PM. ( )

Beginner wondering differnce between dry vs. wet tans?

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short and sweet

This response submitted by mimes on 9/26/05 at 5:42 PM. ( )

A dry tan is just that........the skin is DRY and has to be rehydrated before mounting. A wet tan is ready to go on the form. Dry can be stored as is......wet has to be frozen. Try the search button to left for more info.

The long version is in the archives

This response submitted by George on 9/26/05 at 7:22 PM. ( georoof@aol.com )

Click on "BEGINNERS" and scroll to the bottom. Click on Sept 2001 and scroll down to 9/6/01 entry, "Wet Tan, Dry Tan, Dry Preservative"

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