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Could this be?:
n the past, studies in Canada and other countries have pointed to links between aluminium and Alzheimer's. University of Toronto researchers found in a 1991 study that they could slow the rate of deterioration in Alzheimer's patients by treating them with a drug that removed some aluminium from their brains.

In a far-reaching study published in January (1995), William Forbes, a university of Waterloo gerontologist, demonstrated an apparent connection between mental impairment and aluminium in about 100 Ontario communities. In each community, researchers determined the amount of aluminium in the water supply and tested the mental state of people starting at the age of 45 and continuing over a period of 35 years. They concluded, said Forbes, that the risk of impaired mental functions was "almost 10 times higher in areas where the aluminium levels in drinking water were high."

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Thanks Wilson! I will now buy my beer in glass bottles rather than aluminium cans.


Urban Legend Wilson

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Another internet hoax that started with "antiperspirant". Most Americans suffer from alchemy. That's when the iron in our blood turns to lead in our asses.

Good one George

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All the ladies in my life stopped using aluminum pans and pots a long time ago. seriously. shrugging shoulders Alchemy...
Im wodering if thats why the kids in Cleveland cant keep there pants up?

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