where's my tanner?

Submitted by nic on 9/27/05 at 4:52 PM. ( )

I attended Dan Rineharts school this summer, and the stuff i learned was awesome. i am working on starting my own taxidermy buisness now. i ordered a pressure tanner from dan (he carries them) about two months ago and still have not gotten it. i keep calling and they always say they haven't gotten it from the manufacturer yet or its on the way. We used it for capes at school and it worked really good. but i have hides in the freezer for customers that i need to start pretty soon. im getting frustrated with them and am thinking about trying to get my money back and find another one or pickle and tan for now. i have never pickled and tan before and am nervous about doing it, but i don't know what else to do. any suggestions.

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Patients is a good quality

This response submitted by Luckyg's on 9/27/05 at 5:05 PM. ( luckygs@yahoo.com )

I've never experienced bad service from Dan. It could be possible he had a run on auto tanners. In this line of business your going to want your customers to have patients specially as you continue to learn, so do so with others. Ask to talk to Dan directly. Or on the other hand you can tan your hides manually like lots do. Till your tanner comes in. Or you can even send them off and wait 6months or 8months to get them back. Or you can sit around and complain. Either way your choice!

not saying its dans fault

This response submitted by nic on 9/27/05 at 5:59 PM. ( )

im not bashing dan by any means or saying its his fault, but i just want to know whats going on with it. they told me when i ordered it over two months ago that i would have it in two weeks. i ask to talk to dan but he's never in when i call. i've talked to Elayne and Shane (not saying it's there fault either).


This response submitted by Mr.T on 9/27/05 at 7:56 PM. ( )

Auto tanners are not like cars where there is a plethora of them in the show room and in the lot waiting to be purchased. Auto tanners are ordered, then built when the mill run is big enough to make it worth while for the start up to make them. It's easier to build 300 of them then just 10. The manufacture will not hire labor for ten tanks, so they wait till they can make it worthwhile for everybody. Would you show up to work for one or two days of production? It's cheaper to buy steal in larger quantities, and that goes for parts and motors also. And while you are waiting, why don't you learn the old way so you can appreciate the tanner when you get it. It's done the same way, only slower.


This response submitted by Kevin on 9/27/05 at 10:09 PM. ( kssmcclure@wmconnect.com )

It took about 8-9 weeks to get my tanner.

Business 101. HONESTY

This response submitted by Jeff F. on 9/28/05 at 1:19 AM. ( )

If it might take more than 2 weeks than the man should have been told that. When my customer is quoted a timeframe I do my best to make that timeframe. If not, then I owe somebody an explanation. Maybe my thinking is just old school though. Jeff F.

Not when steve owned it

This response submitted by bob k on 9/28/05 at 11:07 AM. ( )

I received mine in about 2 weeks when steve owned it. He was making tanks all the time not like Mr T idea that they made them in batch runs. He always had parts on hand and had some stock in place. If rinehart is farming out the assemble of the tank instead of doing them inhouse who knows how long it will take

they told me

This response submitted by nic on 9/28/05 at 3:10 PM. ( )

i would have it two weeks after i ordered it. it has been almost two months since i was supposed to have it.

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