krowtann 2000

Submitted by fred on 9/30/05 at 11:43 AM. ( )

i just recieved the new Van Dykes cataloge and came across this krowtann 2000 i do several whitetail deer every year and im always looking for something as good or better than what im useing . i am currently useing safte acid and mackeenzie tan and lots of salt with good results but if i could get as good results with krowtann i would be very tempted to switch has anyone used this product is it new or have i just not been paying attention any info would be appriciated thax fred

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Tried it

This response submitted by Ron on 9/30/05 at 12:08 PM. ( )

last year on a few deer and some smaller game, (bocats, fox, etc.) Ease of use is great, and with the smaller game heads you'll have pletty of stretch. I did have some concerns with the stretch in my deer capes though, and i'm planning to try some Krow-Oil on the next few to see if that helps. All in all it's a good product.


This response submitted by George on 9/30/05 at 12:45 PM. ( )

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Hey George

This response submitted by SteveD on 10/2/05 at 11:22 AM. ( aaa taxidermy )

HI George
Ive been away for awhile and just getting back, Are you still having issues with Krowtann LOL, Im glad somethings dont change.


This response submitted by George on 10/2/05 at 11:54 AM. ( )

Don't have issues with things I'd never use.


This response submitted by J on 10/3/05 at 11:51 AM. ( )

same old george.his head is either in the sand or up his butt!

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