kwik n eze

Submitted by jody on 9/18/05 at 11:28 PM. ( )

does kwik n eze need to be warmed before its applied?

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It helps - but not essential!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 9/19/05 at 12:19 AM. ( )

It helps - But it's not essential as long as you have the KWIK-N-EZE and the skin both at room temperature. I always draw some hot tap water and put the bottle in it before I paint it on - but only because it's an old habit.

Great stuff

This response submitted by Dave B on 9/19/05 at 3:12 PM. ( )

... I've had the oportunity ti have used it for may years and think its some of the best out there . I truely believe that its better that Liqua tan by a mile. Very little,if any shrinkage. I prefer to sweat it over night and mount. Great product Bruce and thanks,
Dave B

this fall

This response submitted by jody on 9/19/05 at 8:53 PM. ( )

im buying a gallon from rittles and trying it out.i just wasnt shur if it needed to be warmed or not thanks for answering.

it works very well

This response submitted by John W. on 9/23/05 at 9:39 AM. ( )

Jody,Kwik-n-ezee works just as well as Liqua-Tan,the only difference is you'll get a whiter hide as compared to the Liqua-Tan that gives you a cream colored hide.Both of these tans work very well, much better than another paint on tan who has a big name but noooooooo stretch.

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