Need wet tan

Submitted by Mike on 9/9/05 at 10:43 AM. ( )

we are looking for a tannery to do a wet tan on a deer cape,looking for a two week turnaround,we have used Golden State in CA but can't seem to get threw to them on the phone.Thanks! Mike

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K & K Tannery

This response submitted by chuck on 9/9/05 at 11:09 AM. ( )

Not sure where you are located, but K & K Tannery in Michigan is the best in my book. Give them a call 877-787-3665.

Carolina Fur Dressing

This response submitted by Lance on 9/22/05 at 4:18 PM. ( )

This is an excellent tannery with a great turnaround. they have the best wet tan ive seen. They can be reached at 1-919-231-9933

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