tanning sheep skins

Submitted by Joe Mackey on 9/12/05 at 12:27 PM. ( winterdance@peoplepc.com )

I raise sheep and wanted to save the skins when I start butchering lambs for the freezer later this month. I have a book "Back to Basics" that give a method for tanning using alum and salt. I'm sure where to find alum or if this is a very good method of tanning. I would like to be able to use the skins for making some big mittens to wear while mushing and possibly a trooper style hat.
Is this a very good method of tanning without using alot of chemicals and having to be worried about the proper ph, or am I better off buying some sort of all in one tanning solution.

Thanks in advance

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This response submitted by David Patton on 9/12/05 at 4:55 PM. ( )

If you want to try it on your own, then there are some good products available from Knobloch's. Call Mark and let him explain what you need. If you have a good right arm and like combing, then you should be alright.


This response submitted by jrosbor on 9/12/05 at 7:08 PM. ( huntersdream3x@hotmail.com )

David is right. Knobloch's is a great company with great products. But there are many great products out there, Do your self a favor and avoid the alum all together. I recomend Rittel's products as well, Hard to beat EZ-100 for garment tanning. Joe


This response submitted by John on 9/12/05 at 9:24 PM. ( )

Paratan is some great stuff. I will use it exclusively and is also garment safe.


This response submitted by Joe Mackey on 9/13/05 at 10:59 AM. ( winterdance@peoplepc.com )

Thanks so much for the info. My wife worked for about a year in a taxidermy shop. She did more fleshing than tanning, but still remembers the basics. I'm just not sure if I have time to worry about the ph and having slippage. I had looked at some of the all in one products, and have already looked at Knoblochs and Rittel's. Again, thanks for the help

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