Deer hide tanned

Submitted by brian sniatecki on 9/15/05 at 8:03 PM. ( )

If i was to send out a deer hide to be tanned at the tannery for a rug, how would i want it tanned and what would i have to do to it when i recieved it back to get the soft leather feel. never done a rug before.

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Any tannery

This response submitted by John on 9/15/05 at 8:42 PM. ( )

is basically going to get you the same thing. It darn well better be soft enough when you get it back. You shouldn't have to do anything to it. However, you are going to have to find a tannery that does retail business. Someone on here might help you. Expect to wait 6 months for it to come back.

Little Willy's Wonders

This response submitted by Willy on 9/16/05 at 9:33 AM. ( )

We offer wholesale and retail tanning. Feel free to E-mail us or give us a call. Our website will give you some good info about prices (

Willy and Paull

Custom tanning

This response submitted by Tom on 9/16/05 at 10:19 AM. ( )

The Nugget Company offers custom tanning with a 30 day turnaround both to the trade and individuals. Please take a look at our website for more details -

I was told once before-

This response submitted by oldshaver on 9/16/05 at 9:44 PM. ( )

the majority of people on this site prefer to do their own tanning. That really made sense. Instead of spamming this site with free advertising, concentrate on the quality of your work, and you will get the business. Over time, good word of mouth is all you will need. If you build it right, they will come. One of you is new, but the other one, I have seen at least 4 times in the last couple of weeks. By the way,I would change the name, that alone is going to hurt your business. I cant emagine answering your business phone with that name.

Has anyone tried this

This response submitted by Connie Gore on 9/17/05 at 9:34 PM. ( )

I have allowed the hair to "slip" naturally and now am giving it a soak for a few days in a very dilute solution of sulfuric acid and water. I plan to rinse the hide several times and dry it, then apply a neatsfoot liquor I found a recipe for on another website.


This response submitted by Connie Gore on 9/17/05 at 9:39 PM. ( )

I meant to say apply the liquor, then dry it. Sorry.

Sorry Shaver

This response submitted by Tom on 9/18/05 at 12:50 PM. ( )

It wasn't my intention to offend anyone with free advertising. John suggested that Brian locate a retail tannery and someone on this forum might help him with that.

By the way, this is a fascinating and informative forum!

I wasnt offended

This response submitted by os on 9/19/05 at 7:24 PM. ( )

Maybe I spoke too soon. If yall are new to the forum, you might not know that under the suppliers categorie, you will find a list of most of the wholesale tanners in North America.

Nugget International

This response submitted by David Patton on 9/20/05 at 7:23 AM. ( )

I found the Nugget website after a British fellow who had listed my tannery in his directory along with Stern's and a couple others, had listed Nugget International also. Wow! That tannery, in my home state of Texas, has been around since the forties and tanning sheep hides for every possible use you can imagine. I was impressed with the history of the tannery and the way they have adapted to the changing world market and environmental pressures and still remained in business. Their company is the model that I am measuring Lonestar Wool & Fur against in terms of what can be achieved in the sheep hide market. They have generations of experience in the sheep hide industry and have spread their business worldwide. They also do a fairly nice tan on deer hides.

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