fox tanning,need some help

Submitted by jesse on 9/16/05 at 9:40 PM. ( )

I got a red fox hide to tan with liqui-tan to hang on the wall.I have the liqui-tan and liqui-soft.I need to know how to go about tanning it from skinning till finished,(salting,pickling,ect.)any help would be greatly appriciated Thanks a bunch, Jesse

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i personally

This response submitted by paul bunyan on 9/17/05 at 2:44 AM. ( )

wouldnt use liqua tan on anything. wall hangers would get ez 100 or lutan f. Directions come with supplies, follow them.


This response submitted by Frank E Kotula on 9/17/05 at 7:46 AM. ( )

If your doing it for a wall hanger then do it the trappers way. Split the tail and make a cut from the back toe pads to the the next. Then skin it out this way.

Flesh the hide and then salt it on a plastic rack with holes in it to drain out the fluids. After 24 hours shake out the salt and then resalt it for another 24. Hang and let it dry hard.

To rehydrate it, I use ultra-soft only mixed with water. Rehydrate till it's all soft again. Time can vary from 4 hours to 24 hours. If you put it in the bath at morning time by dinner it should be ready.
Drain and rinse well.

Place it in a pickle of your choice (mine is Saftee Acid) and keep the Ph at or below 2.5. Pickle for three days take out and shave it thin as possible as you could.

From there place it in a degreaser and degrease the fox in the solution for about 20 minutes no more. Rinse well and place it back in the pickle for another 24 hours. There are way to many great degreasers on the market to mention.

After the 24 hours repickle take out and drain well, place it in a bath of a tablespoon of backing soda to a gallon of water. Neturlize it in this for about 15 to twenty minutes, Rinse well after that. Squeeze the hide to get most of teh water out. Drain for about 30 to 45 minutes.

Apply the Liqua-tan to all of the flesh side of the fox. Fold and let it sit there for 16 to 24 hours. By then the hide is properlly tanned and ready for the Liqua-soft.

Then apply the Liqua soft. Now I don't use there liqua-soft but I use there #1 tanning oil for my rug work. Any way I apply the oil and let it set in there for about 24 hours folded up. Open the hide and then I wsah it with pert shampoo. Then very carfully I reoil it again try not to get any on the fur. Let the cape dry till it's almost dried, About 90% of the moisture is gone and then I take it over a blunt edge and break the by dragging it back and forth over this. Breaking the hide is what makes it very soft. Then invert the skin and you'll have a soft wall hanger fox hide.

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