posting pics on the forum

Submitted by Laurier on 10/21/05 at 9:34 AM. ( )

is their a way of posting pics on here , or do you have to sent it by e-mail. Is their a way of adding an attechement to this post.
Any help would be grately appreciated.

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This response submitted by Ken Edwards, Taxidermy Net Forums Administrator on 10/21/05 at 9:50 AM. ( )

If I have something for sale, may I post a picture along with the ad?
Sorry, but there is no way to display a photo on the Taxidermy Net Forums. The Forums are strictly for text messages. However, many people insert a URL address in their message which goes to their photo, which may be hosted elsewhere on the web, and most Forum users are comfortable with copying and pasting an address in their browser to see a photo.

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