using brains to tan?

Submitted by joel on 10/24/05 at 3:32 AM. ( )

I recentyly skinned a whitetail and was wondering if the process using blended brains works for tanning a hide with the hair on? and if this work is the hide soft when done?

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This response submitted by Mr.T on 10/24/05 at 4:07 AM. ( ) will have you're answer. Not here, this site uses modern, cutting edge, up to date technology to tan.

It also works for CWD

This response submitted by George on 10/24/05 at 6:46 AM. ( )

At the risk of being rhetorical, "Haven't you read ANYTHING about CWD?" If you have any brains, you'd be wise to stop playing with others.

Should i not eat meat from my deer too.....

This response submitted by joel on 10/24/05 at 8:10 PM. ( )

george if you payed attention while reading you'd know CWD isnt transmittable to humans, especially by simply using brains for tanning, not eating, and furthermore i do not live in an area where this disease has become a problem, thanks for your concern though..

Joel, how do you know any of that?

This response submitted by George on 10/25/05 at 9:26 AM. ( )

The USDA and CDC both caution hunters to avoid contact with the brain and brain stem/spinal cord of ALL cervids. True, there's no documented link, but an ounce of caution is worth a pound of cure. If CWD isn't there yet, it will be.

And remember, NO TAN LEAVES A HIDE SOFT. It's the process AFTER the tan that makes a hide soft.

If an animal...

This response submitted by jrosbor on 10/26/05 at 11:57 PM. ( )

Had rabies, And you knew it had Rabies. Would you just avoid the mouth? If it was me I would avoid the animal all together! Why take the chance? How long do you think we had CWD here in WI before they caught it? Joe

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