tanned a bear with McKenzie but want to redo?

Submitted by greg on 10/7/05 at 12:22 AM. ( )

i just tannned a medium sized bear shoulder mount with McKenzie tan and i want to redo it with basyn or lutan. Can this tan be undone or should i just go ahead with the mount?
also i was wondering about the Epo-Grip blood out,if i degrease with this will it raise the ph in my pickle? the ph of the Epo-Grip is 10.8
thanks in advance,

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It will neutralize your pickle

This response submitted by George on 10/7/05 at 12:35 AM. ( georoof@aol.com )

Basic chemistry makes soaps on the alkali or "base" side of the scale while a pickle is on the acid side. To combine them negates the effect of both of them and you end up with poluted water.

My question is: Why would you want to retan a hide that's already tanned. I can't imagine any reason for wanting to retan a hide, unless of course, it was tanned in alum and I wanted to use something more stable. McKenzie tan doesn't fall in that category.

Thanks George

This response submitted by greg on 10/8/05 at 1:04 PM. ( )

i just was reading in the archives that bear hides do not tan as well
with topical tans and i have tanned some with basyn tan and was very satitisfied the ones with McKenzie come out a little oily. thats all
maybe i am doing something wrong. Mckezie tan does my deer very well. i dont want to send out my gamehead stuff i think it would cut down on my turnaround time?
thanks again

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