how many onces on a table spoon of lutanF?

Submitted by Greg on 10/8/05 at 8:56 PM. ( )

Im about to tan a bear tonight and I am wondering how much lutan to add to the tanning ,mixture. Im going to need 20 gallons of water to do this bear, so according to instructions I need 40 ozs of Lutan F. How many Table spoons would that be. I know 3 level tea spoons = 1 oz. for ez tan, would the same be for lutan f?

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And they wonder why...

This response submitted by marty on 10/8/05 at 9:02 PM. ( )

...the Japanese are whipping our butts when it comes to math...


This response submitted by lee on 10/8/05 at 9:14 PM. ( )

if you have to use 40 ozs of lutan you didnt flesh your bear and left the skull in it. its one ounce of lutan per one pound of skin. my larger bears well shaved weigh up to 20 lbs. i think one cup equals roughly 5 ozs. i dont think you want to use a teaspoon.

Do you have a scale?

This response submitted by jrosbor on 10/8/05 at 9:15 PM. ( )

Spoons are best used for volume! Get a scale, It's 2.5 pounds. Joe


This response submitted by paul bunyan on 10/8/05 at 9:56 PM. ( )

8 0z in a cup
4 in a half cup
1/2 per tablespoon
16 oz in a pound

5 0z in a coffee cup lol

Thank you Joseph

This response submitted by George on 10/8/05 at 10:08 PM. ( )

But marty pretty much nailed it. LMAO


This response submitted by mark on 10/9/05 at 6:53 AM. ( )

George,Do you have to respond to most every question in a negitive way. People ask questions on this site to get info on subjects they need help with. Not to get negitive and degrading response's. It feals good to help out a person in need try it you might like it.Greg keep asking questions!Good luck on your bear.They sell cheap food scales at wal-mart that may work for you.


This response submitted by Rock on 10/9/05 at 12:42 PM. ( )

Thanks Mark you got it right. we all need help at times.

Mark, did I miss something here?

This response submitted by George on 10/9/05 at 5:25 PM. ( )

I'm sorry your tampon got crosswise. I never SAID anything negative, I just agreed with it. I thanked Joseph for TEACHING the person HOW to fish as I don't think anything would be done by catching fish for him. I sense you're just another one of the "let's snipe at George" crew,but one things for sure, I don't see YOU giving ANY information in your post.

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