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would like to have a number for a good tannery . i sent off 2 white tail capes 2 mule deer capes 1 full body of whitetail doe . 1 coyote 1 coon . to a tannery that a local taxidermist gave me the number for , last year . took a lot of time to skin . because it was my 2 daughters first year of hunting . i havent mounted much . but i learned that its easier to take your time and skin it right .rather than be sewing all day . like i did on my first ones . was pretty proud of the fact that there were only a few minor cuts on the whole lot . when i got them back 3 of the deer capes had an ear cut completely off . with another hole cut in them and the hide . so they could zip tie the ear to the hide .and cuts all over them . coyote had 2 legs missing . belly of coon looked like it went through a schreader. whole doe skin had parts missing and was schreaded . not going to give out name of tannery . would not acomplish anything . i paid good money to get this done . when i called them they said . (they must have been like that when we got them )i dont know if this is there way of . just not wanting to deal with someone who isnt sending them a lot of business or what . thanks . found this forum by accident . but it has already answered a lot of questions that i have been looking for . have read most of the messages on every subject. and have learned alot . am planning on trying to get into a taxidermy school next year . just to do the kids stuff . THANKS . WILL KEEP READING ..

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It Would Help.......

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.....To know what part of the country you live in. No sence in recommending a tanner across the country, when one closer to you would be fine. But I'm not recommending anyone until you say who you had the problems with. I want to know where not to send my hides, and you would be doing everyone else a favor, too.


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the tannery in Houston? If so, sorry you had to go through the anguish with them. A friend of mine had the same problem with the same tannery. 3 hogs and 3 ears, 1 on each one and numerous big holes. He spent hours sewing up the holes and had to tell the customers of two of the hogs that their mounts were ruined. He lost good customers because of this tannery. And it is never their fault! Yeah! Right!


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WE HAVE A WINNER .. now can i get a number to a good one .?


This response submitted by John on 10/9/05 at 10:07 PM. ( )

There are several very good tanneries out there. K&K Tannery in Michigan, South Texas Fur Dressers in Victoria TX, Carolina Fur Dressers, Lonestar Wool and Fur, I could go on and on. The one you mentioned has got to be the worst! Click on the suppliers list at the top of the page. It would probably be best to choose one close to home.

Notice this

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That the business we are talking about is NOT listed in the suppliers. I have heard good things about most of the tanneries listed.


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will try that , this year .

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