Krowtann receipe

Submitted by Stitches on 10/9/05 at 9:14 PM. ( )

when mixing Krowtann do you use Volume or weight measurements for the Salt? I have read and heard conflicting answers to this question.


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read your instructions

This response submitted by anthony on 10/9/05 at 10:22 PM. ( )

it states in the instructions all measurement are volume measurements. If you did not get instructions with your Krowtann contact the supplier you got it from a set is sent with every order.

ozark woods 18004670369

This response submitted by paul e on 10/10/05 at 10:44 AM. ( )

lots of stuff in the archives also


This response submitted by Stitches on 10/10/05 at 7:50 PM. ( )

I finally found the correct instructions with the VOLUME instructions. Thanks for the clarification!

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