Need advice on selling tannned fur bearing animal skins.

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I am having a hard time with selling my tanned furs and lifesize furs. I would like to use ebay but everyone bids cheaply on things on there that isn't worth my time and labor input,and output to produce this stuff and not be able to sell it. It is alot of work to skin this stuff and next the tanning process itself is alot of labor. Since I tan my own skins. Eventhough I do a good job they want everything very cheap. I also feel like people do not respect what there really worth. Plus they send me these emails saying that there interested. Then I email them back and they never answer. Or they say check on the shipping and they want it, but when I give them the total price they back out. Second I do not know how to price certain things. I have it is a nice well spotted bobcat with the feet on tanned with Ez 100. Its only defect is it has a bald spot which can be repaired by cutting out that area and patching it yet people act as though they can't fix it. I have other furs also but have not been able to sell them but there (NOT) life size ringtail and coyote. I personally think a ringtail tanned wall hanger is worth about $35 dollars to $30 not under that adn coyote with feet $50 to $60 depending on the size.
Any input to sell my stuff would be greatly appreciated.

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sorry about two posts the computer is messed up here

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sorry I d din't mean to post this twice. Just a accident. I knew once was enough. LOL


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I pick-up roadkilled coyote, skin and tan it then sell for 100.00. I am a Chippewa indian and have lots of friends that make regalia, they turn around and sell it for alot more. They buy everything I tan.

I feel your pain!

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Yes sir, I am having the same problem as you are. I don't know the right way to sell my furs so if you find a good way, will you tell me. Thankyou for your time and may God Bless, your friend from West Virgina

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