To Bruce Rittel...? and Bill Yox

Submitted by Bryan Umbanhowar on 11/1/05 at 11:21 PM. ( )

Bruce, I have to say I love the safetee-acid! I was tired of the formic acid. Safetee-acid is the first acid, close to formic that I have used! My ? is I have a auto-tanner. Do you think it speeds up pickling in the tanner. I have looked in the archives and didn't see anything about your thoughts on pressurize, pickling with safetee-acid and Lutan. Thanks in advance, Bryan

Bill still Alive? I thought maybe Wilma came up the east coast and you relocated.....hahaha Kidding!

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The key is the mechanical action!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 11/2/05 at 8:48 PM. ( )

Mechanical action is the real key. It definitely speeds up the tanning process. And the Auto Tanner does everything its advertised to do! You can take a raw cape - put it in - and remove it 4 hours later - finished! But it's also important that you follow the instructions and use the Tanning Crystals in it.

As you may be aware - Dan Rinehart now produces and sells the Auto Tanner. I havent had a chance to discuss it with him yet - but assuming nothing has changed in its construction - it should be safe for using it for pickling as well as tanning. If you use it for pickling however, then I would change a few things and it should speed up a full pickle to about 24 hours. But - it shouldnt be run continuously. Only 5-8 turns each hour. That by itself may cause a problem because you may want to get a timing device so you dont have to stand there and do it yourself.

I also now rep and sell the Auto Tanner for Dan Rinehart - and a lot of my customers have asked about using EZ-100, Lutan F and our KWIK-N-EZE paint on tan in the Auto Tanner. And it can be done - in fact many of our customers tell us it enhances the finished product.

Basically you start out for the first 2 hours using the Tanning crystals and then after shaving and before putting your capes back into the machine - you add the EZ-100, Lutan F or KWIK-N-EZE, adjust the PH level to a 4.0 and again run the machine for 2 more hours to finish it.

If you would like directions on the mixes - e-mail me at my e-mail address in this header at the top.

hey Bryan

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 11/4/05 at 12:57 AM. ( )

Yep, Im still kicking. Havent heard from you in a while, but I hear about your antler replicas now and then. Hope all is well.

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