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Submitted by purvis on 11/3/05 at 9:22 AM. ( )

I am an amatuer(sp?) tanner as I have only done 40 or 50 hides. I got a black bear skin in good condition that I need tanned. Based on the thickness of the fat when I skinned it out and the work the coons I've done in the past take, I don't think I have the time to do it myself as I (my wife actually) just had a kid. I cannot find a commercial tannery in my area with reasonable prices (mid Ga). Only taxidermists wanting to jack the price up to be my middle man. I don't mind mailing it across the country for quality. This is the first hide I have had to ship to a tannery so I need to know how to package it. I dumped about 3 lbs of salt on it last night and I'll dump more on it today and so forth till it is dried (as I assume that is how it needs to be shipped). What ZI don't know if how it needs to be packaged. No one has returned my calls as of yet that I have made to the people referenced on this site. Can you guys help me out?

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fold it, box it.

This response submitted by Dane on 11/3/05 at 9:48 AM. ( )

Most tanneries deal with taxidermists only and not the general public. This is to prevent the taxidermist from being excluded and chances are the average individual does not know how to properly skin, split, flesh and salt a bear. Tanneries would be dealing with all kinds of "junk" if they just took in everything from the general public. The taxidermist has to spend time boxing, shipping, handling the bill, etc and should be compensated. Anyway with that said....what you want to do is turn, split, flesh and salt. Repeat every 24 hours until your salt is not absorbing any more moisture. Do not roll the hide up. Lay it out so it can drain. When it is hard to the touch but still flexible, fold it up and put it in a box and send to the tannery. Good luck and good choice sending it off.

3 Pounds Of Salt?

This response submitted by Old Fart on 11/3/05 at 11:02 AM. ( )

Nearly every bear I do(except the small ones) gets a bag(50 pounds) of salt. What do you expect to accomplish with 3 pounds?

Geez, OF

This response submitted by George on 11/3/05 at 12:13 PM. ( )

No wonder the ocean is losing it's salinity. LMAO
I probably use 5 or 6 pounds on a bear. I don't, however, just dump it on. I get down and pour the salt on a spot and then rub it into the hide. I roll it overnight and dump it the next morning. I hang it on a drying rack and if it absolutely NEEDS more salt, I apply it. I seldom reapply.


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Purvis , this is what you said - Based on the thickness of the fat when I skinned it out and the work the coons I've done in the past take, I don't think I have the time to do it myself . I hope you plan on removing all the fat before you sent it to the tannery of it will be a waste of time and money . The grease will set into the hairs and you may end up with a bald bear . If you cant do it, then let a real taxidermist do it , thats why were here .Rick

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