Mixing instructions for blood eater

Submitted by Paul Johnson on 11/4/05 at 3:15 PM. ( paul.johnson@isipkg.com )

I ordered the Rittel's ez-100 and also some blood eater to work on some hides that have already been stretched and dried. (It is a good realaxer) However, no instructions for mixing or using came with it and I wanted to start tanning.

any help would be great.



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Here they are!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 11/4/05 at 7:34 PM. ( rittel@mindspring.com )

RELAXING AGENT (Catalog #BE-639)

BE-639 is a Relaxing & Blood-Eater Agent. It is ideal for rehydrating bloody Capes and Skins. It has excellent Protein attacking abilities (an affinity to dispersing blood). It can either be used by itself, or in conjunction with your normal relaxing bath. Keep in mind that very little is needed to effectively relax and clean your capes or skins. It is also an excellent choice for cleaning bloody birdskins too!

For Normal usage - Use 2 Oz. (4 full Tablespoonfuls) of BE-639 to every 5 Gallons of Water needed to completely submerge your capes or skins. If you weigh your skins - figure using 2 Quarts of Water for every 1 Lb. of skin weight. Hence - a 5 Gallon solution should easily Relax 10 Lbs. of skin weight. Leave the skins in this solution until they are rehydrated and flexible. Usually most salt dried capes will fully relax within 4-8 hours.

When using BE-639 with your current Relaxing Bath - Again - We recommend adding to your Ultra-Soft (#US-609) or other Commercial Relaxer Relaxing bath, 1 Oz. (2 full Tablespoonfuls) of BE-639 to every 5 Gallons of solution needed to completely submerge the skins. Leave the skins or capes in this solution until they relax completely. When fully relaxed, remove, rinse, inspect for any bloody spots still left, scrub with the Relaxing solution, then rinse again, and place them into the Pickling solution.

* * * * * * * * * *
Rittels offers these instructions in an advisory capacity and assumes no liability. Such information is the same as used in our own successful experiments, and since we have no control over the environment, or the materials upon which our products or instructions will be used - they cannot guarantee success!

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All rights reserved. No part of these instructions may be reproduced in any form or by any means without permission.

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Thank you.

This response submitted by Paul Johnson on 11/6/05 at 3:12 PM. ( paul.johnson@isipkg.com )



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