getting good even color on skin

Submitted by Ryan Orr on 11/6/05 at 10:52 PM. ( )

I have a coyote i'm tanning. the skin side is very dark and
dried blood looking. And it does not look like it is going
to change. How do I get this to look like good finished leather.
Is there somthing I can wash it in to get the skin a good even color.
I don't want to shave it the skin is very thin now.
I tried the search but could not see anything.
Any coments would be appreciated.

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The cold hard fact...

This response submitted by jrosbor on 11/6/05 at 11:00 PM. ( )

Is that blood is hard to get out of "skin". If the skin is not tanned yet you can use STOP-ROT to get some of it out. Blood Eater from Rittel's works well too. I don't worry much about blood in the skin, After tanning you can't see it very well anyway. To each his own. Joe


This response submitted by Frank E Kotula on 11/7/05 at 6:35 AM. ( )

What steps have you taken and where are you at in the process right now. That way we can help out more.

in a pickle

This response submitted by Ryan Orr on 11/7/05 at 2:19 PM. ( )

it is in the pickle as we speak. I have not tried to wash it
in anything yet.

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