getting old

Submitted by skiver on 11/10/05 at 6:58 PM. ( )

I have been reading these forums for two years now and have never posted anything.I have been shaving now for fifteen years and really enjoy my job,but I am looking at my options to make more money, .Any tanneries out there looking for a hard working veteran shaver , experianced in fine fur to african.Please post phone number or e mail addreess i will respond back to you.

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I know some one looking for help in MN

This response submitted by John on 11/10/05 at 7:17 PM. ( )

E mail me and I will get you his phone number.

send info

This response submitted by oldshaver on 11/10/05 at 7:35 PM. ( )

will reply by sunday evening

yes, we cazn use a shaver.

This response submitted by ej on 11/11/05 at 7:49 AM. ( . )

what do you charge? where are you located? [state]. i cannot leave e mail here, to many junk mailers, scam artists and virus spreaders,

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