Moyle Mink And Timing

Submitted by Mathias on 11/11/05 at 11:23 AM. ( )

For a while I have been hearing bad things about Moyle Mink and Tannery. Everyone is entitled to their opinion so here goes mine. I have been using these guys for quite some time. I sent them stuff since they started doing taxidermy work. Yeah every body starts out rough But they get BETTER. I'm not going to say I haven't had any problems but not every one is bullet proof. They have always tried to take care of the situation and be fair about it. I do agree that this year has been a horrible year for them but i haven't given up on them yet. You got to understand that they got alot of buiseness this year for one, Second from what they told me they had problems with the Ph level of the city water. We had that done here in our city and the city didn't even make us aware of it. I do some home tanning and that change made my recipes for tanning go down the drain.It took me 6 long months to get things to where they needed to be.All I can Say is buisness is buisness but I feel for these guys and the least i could do is be patient.I dont want to be kicking my self for having to be ignorant to them and making a fool of my self for ripping them a new one, and then going back to them when they get to the top again. Beleive me with the determination that they have they will be at the top very soon.

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moyle and the ph

This response submitted by ej on 11/11/05 at 3:21 PM. ( . )

i just talked with margareetta at moyle's tannery. she was very professional and courteous. yes, they are running a little behind. and yes the city water ph was apparently so high they could not adjust it down ward. then there hot water boiler went out. i thought a good tannery always uses tons of ph papers and keeps on top of the ph and temperature, both of which are critical to tanning.
so. as rummers go. i have NEVER had a problem with moyle. they are very easy and nice to work with.

yea right

This response submitted by not that stupid on 11/11/05 at 3:23 PM. ( )

Bull !

Curious Client

This response submitted by They will find out? on 11/16/05 at 12:39 PM. ( )

How, and what did you do to correct this problem, since your used to giving excuses?

P.S. Another friend of mine received one bad batch ( rubbery feel to the skin with out stretch ) so what are your excuses know.

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