salt dried cape slipping

Submitted by Dane on 11/14/05 at 10:43 PM. ( )

I recently got a salt dried cape off of another taxidermist. I relaxed the cape in Ultra Soft for about 4 hrs. I then washed it in Kemal 4 and place it into the pickle. The hair is slipping in a spot about the size of 50 cent piece about an inch from the bullet hole. I figured it was a bad cape and they let dried blood stay on the cape too long prior to salting. Just want to know if there is anything I could have done different or if there was nothing that could have saved it. I did apply stop rot to it but it was already in the pickle before I noticed the slip. I noticed it immediately after putting in the pickle. The Ph of the pickle is 2 and stable. Thank you for your time.

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Once relaxed - why wash it?

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 11/15/05 at 1:24 AM. ( )

Once you have relaxed it - wait until later to wash it! I usually wait until 3 days in the pickle , then pull out, drain it for 30 minutes, shave it if necessary, then wash it and rinse and put it back into the pickle at least overnight or longer. Is this a situation where the cape is filthy from debris - or bloody? From debris - I would do the above - howeverr if bloody - I would wash it in cold water prior to pickling it.


This response submitted by Dane on 11/15/05 at 10:21 AM. ( )

It was bloody. I have however heard every different response on when to wash it. I was it prior to my pickle to keep my pickle clean. I only wash it, rinse it.....takes 5 minutes at the very longest. I do not leave it soak in the water. Thanks. Dane

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