Lutan by weight or volume

Submitted by Sam on 11/17/05 at 6:59 PM. ( )

I just put a cape in a lutan F solution, but the instructions on the box were unclear as to add 2oz. per gal. by weight or 2 oz. by volume. For most dry things, such as salt, the weight and fluid oz. are about the same. In the case of Lutan, one pound of it equals about 36 oz. by volume, so my question is: Which should I use, weight or volume?

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This response submitted by jrosbor on 11/17/05 at 7:09 PM. ( )

Must just be me, Allways use weight when measuring solids. Liquid I like to use volume in "CC's" or oz's. Why you may ask? Because liquid doe's not settle like solids do. Have a good one! Joe

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