Coot N Krow

Submitted by Coot on 11/20/05 at 1:30 AM. ( )

I decided Id tan an Elk with Krowtann......I did exactly what I have done with deer . When I was shaving the elk I saw big pink spots that the tan did not penetrate. The tan obvioulsy did not penetrate the cape entirely . I know that I can mount this elk and everything will probably be fine....But..Is there something I could have done to prevent this? I am a Lutan guy and this had never happened .Please advise. I used a 20 gallon plastic container.7.5 gallones of water, 64oz of salt and the correct amount of Krowtann. I even left it in the tan for 4 days instead of three . Please advise.

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Yea, duh just like any pickle, put the hide back in the tan.

This response submitted by Rorie on 11/20/05 at 2:14 AM. ( )

Anytime there is pinkleft, you MUST place the hide back in the solution.


This response submitted by stanley on 11/20/05 at 9:27 AM. ( )

krow tan is all I have ever used and I have messed up a lot of hides with it but I still love it for its simplicity ok I have had that problem and I think it was because I did not stirr it enough to let the tann get every where and also I think if the hide is realy thik like an elk it would need to be thinned a little before tanning just my two cents stanley.

you must move the hide in the tan

This response submitted by terryr on 11/20/05 at 11:25 AM. ( )

i use kt for everything except soft tanning - tan didnt get to this part if e'thing else tanned - you need to PHYSICALLY lift hide out of tan and reposition hide b4 returning to solution ,,,,,not just stir

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