Substitution for drumming or tumbling after lutan tanning

Submitted by Kendall on 11/21/05 at 11:56 AM. ( )

I was reading in the archives about the lutan tanning process and I think I am going to use this method for a nice whitetail rug. It says to tumble for 30-60 minutes in saw dust to finish drying and fluffing. I do not have a drum or tumbler is there a way that I can achieve the same results with a different method.

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roll it up

This response submitted by Mr.T on 11/21/05 at 1:35 PM. ( )

After you have tanned it, rince it quickly in cold water to remove Lutan /salt mix. Do not over wash, just dunk and drain in two different fresh cold water tubs. Place the hide in the cloths washer and use the spin cycle only. Spin for 5 to 10 minutes. Take out the hide and roll it up tightly in bath towels, and let set for 15 minutes. Unroll and you are almost there. You can hang it out on the cloths line for a short bit to let the wind dry the hair. Then you can use a leather oil on the skin side for the next step. Nothing beats the tumbler, but if you dont have one, you can get around it.

bath towels

This response submitted by michael p on 11/21/05 at 6:48 PM. ( )

why do tou roll it up tight in the bath towels?


This response submitted by John on 11/21/05 at 8:31 PM. ( )

serves two purposes. It cleans excess oil from the hair and softens the hide. You can put it in a large plastic bag with sawdust and shake it really good to clean the hide. If you want it soft you have to hand break the hide. I hope you have the stamina to hand break it. Type breaking into the search and read info there.

michael p

This response submitted by Mr.T on 11/21/05 at 9:27 PM. ( )

why would you use a bath towel, to remove water from you're hide? The spin in the washer takes off excess water, the towels take out the rest.

cob grit in a bag for drying?

This response submitted by Kendall on 11/22/05 at 11:36 AM. ( )

I do have a garbage bag with corn cob grit that I use for birds i guess that might work for some of the drying. What do you think?

You will need a big bag

This response submitted by Mr.T on 11/22/05 at 8:04 PM. ( )

You will need a big bag to put a whole deer hide in. I think that it would be fine for a small bird, but you just want to remove water right? Whats wrong with the towel method? Try it once, and the cob gritt or saw dust will only stick to it until it is dry, and IF you did bag it, you would have to toss it around for 25 minutes to get it partialy dry. And it would take 25 lbs. of gritt to do that.

Thank you

This response submitted by Kendall on 11/23/05 at 2:46 PM. ( )

Thanks Mr. T that makes so much more sense now that you say it. I think towels will work just fine.

Again, thank you guys for you input


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