Key Stone Fur Dressing

Submitted by Michelle W on 11/21/05 at 12:22 PM. ( )

Would like some imput from those that have used Key Stone Fur Dressing. Thinking about sending a few capes out to get them tanned. Nervouse to send one out because it is a huge Ga deer a buddy of mine killed. It has an 8 1/2" E-N and about a 23" neck behind the ears and 26" neck 3" down. It would be almost imposible to find a replacement. Thanks.

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This response submitted by joe on 11/21/05 at 7:44 PM. ( )

i used keystone for about a dozen capes had no problem with them at all, i had all capes come back good. i have since switched over to eastcoast tannery i like there tan much better seem to shave a little thinner.all in all whichever is closer for you
eastcoast 1 877 tanfurs they also split,turn & tan your capes for 59 $

like keystone

This response submitted by russell on 11/22/05 at 5:52 PM. ( )

I like keystone they have great strech , good turnaronud ,thin not thick hide, and alot better record keeping then east coast. i switched and i like everything about them . If you would have anyproblems they try to fix them right away. Russell

The Wildlife Gallery

This response submitted by paul k on 11/23/05 at 10:01 PM. ( )

I will not normally endorse nor share bad experiences with anybodies product or service, I really feel the best experience to have, is one of your own, However After recieving several shipments of skins and capes from the gallery I must say these people cant be beat for a good quality tan, and a great turn around. They truely understand what quality taxidermist's are looking for.

Minus the extra holes. and the tail cut off my deer hide?

This response submitted by Ray on 11/24/05 at 8:33 AM. ( )

They arent bad. Just had my first experiance with them. turn around was 5 1/2 weeks . had a small bambi cape dry tanned. well. I went over and picked it up. Opened my box which was dumb on my part for not looking at it while I was there. So waited till I got home. looked really nice. except for the few extra holes. and them cutting the tail off.? Other then that Not bad.

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