witch one is safer?

Submitted by Mike on 11/22/05 at 10:44 AM. ( )

Witch acid is safer for my health, citric or saftee-acid?

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doesn't matter

This response submitted by Mr.T on 11/22/05 at 11:05 AM. ( )

saftee-acid is eco friendly when you want to dump it, citric should be neutralized with baking soda before disposal, but you need to wear rubber gloves with both of them. And you should wear safety glasses for splashes. They both do the same job. I use citric acid for $1.40 per lb. at The Chemistry Store on line.

Chem store?

This response submitted by Mike on 11/22/05 at 11:27 AM. ( )

Mr T what is the web add for the chem store?

you can buy anything you need, and then some at

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Cream Tan

This response submitted by Brad on 11/22/05 at 5:54 PM. ( outdrsmn869@yahoo.com )

Whats the thoughts on Cream Tans? Rhinehart has his cream tan and it seems to work fine is there something I should know about it, no one talks about it. It seems to be so simple and easy to use. Would love to here some comments about it good or bad. Thanks.


This response submitted by ej on 11/22/05 at 6:01 PM. ( toomuchspam.xyz )

well, whats better after a hard day at work. a shower,
or a hand cloth and a bar of soap at the sink?
both work to some extent, both have there place. but one does a little better job than the other.

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