Commercial tanning full-body deer skin ?

Submitted by mrdux on 11/24/05 at 5:57 PM. ( )

I'm starting into my 1st full-body deer mount. I have the skin fleshed and salted and will be sending it out for tanning. Are there any special considerations needed for the hooves. I have them turned as far out as possible and salted well. I just can't find info about how a tannery deals with them. Do I need to do anything special before boxing the cape up? Thanks.

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This response submitted by paul k on 11/24/05 at 6:57 PM. ( )

Make sure you check the right column, for instance if you would check full skin instead of life size you may receive your pc. back with missing hooves. That's basically it. A reputable tannery will handle the rest as long as you have everything split and turned proper.

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