Is there a easier way to Flesh a hide

Submitted by Tax #1 on 11/28/05 at 8:12 PM. ( )

Is there a Easier way to Fleshing

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This response submitted by Joey Arender on 11/28/05 at 8:30 PM. ( )

If you are chewing it off with your teeth then there are alot of better ways. Now how are you fleshing, So that some of the people here can help you? I use a fleshing beam and a ulu knife takes me about 20 mins to do the neck and shoulders and I do the face with scissors and then salt to dry. If you are talking about shaving then I don't know, but I tried just one with a scaple and decided it was just to much work and I would rather send it off to a tannery and chance having to sew a couple hole now and then.
Joey A

no chewing

This response submitted by Tax #1 on 11/28/05 at 9:32 PM. ( )

I am soaking it in salt water then Scraping it with a metal scraper that you use to scrape coyotes and coons etc

I can't help you

This response submitted by Joey Arender on 11/28/05 at 11:29 PM. ( )

because I have yet to read anything about soaking in salt water then flesh. I think if you where to skin and remove any chunks of meat then you could salt for a day then flesh. I did come across a post about soaking in something and salt to aid in thawing. What are your goals with these hides? Tanning, or drying or what. you may want to check the archives for fleshing while you wait for a answer to your question. Good luck and surely someone will stop in to help you out just hold tight for a day or so. Good luck. Just be ready to read a lot if you go into that search area.

right or wrong

This response submitted by Mr.T on 11/29/05 at 11:21 AM. ( )

I have soaked raw hides in a heavy salt and water soak, in a cold area for up to 4 days. I only do this if freezer burn is heavy, or am doing a flat hide. The blood, is drawn out by the salt water, and the meat will scrape or cut off very easy. I then still flesh on a machine to get the membrane off, the go to the pickle, neutralize, tan, and oil.

with all of the right info out there

This response submitted by PMVRWC on 11/30/05 at 8:56 AM. ( )

it really mystifies me that people still do things so backwards .

Thanks Guys

This response submitted by Tax #1 on 12/2/05 at 6:36 PM. ( )

My hide is done now and it worked great for fleshing and the tanning process turned out real good this is by far the best tanned hide I have ever worked with thanks for your feedback everyone

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