How does one tan a buffalo hide with the hair on?

Submitted by Henry on 11/29/05 at 1:47 AM. ( )

Friend of mine recieved a fresh buffalo hide today and wants to tan it, leaving the hair on. He currently has it salted, but is not sure where to go from there. And I am not sure what to tell him--I tanned a few much smaller hides/skins years ago, but never anything of this magnitude. I have done some reading on the subject, and have printed some information for him this evening. Any advice, articles, web-links, whatever, would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Send it on its way

This response submitted by JC on 11/29/05 at 4:18 AM. ( )

to a tannery,I am a beginner and have been reading on this site for
about a year now and I know all the Pros are gonna tell you to send it to a tannery.


This response submitted by RobinK on 11/29/05 at 7:01 PM. ( )

Better send it to the tannerie iv skinned one this year and roughed fleshed it and that was hard enough

Unless you own a Shaving Machine - send it out!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 11/30/05 at 1:36 AM. ( )

A Buffalo skin must be shaved - at least twice - if you expect a soft supple finished piece! Normally it's shaved thin once - put back in the pickle overnight - then shaved one last time the next day! Sometimes even 3 times.

My advice - if you dont own a Shaving Machine - send it to a reputable Tannery like K&K Tannery or Bucks County fur Products! I can give you Telephone numbers if you need them. Simply e-mail me at the above e-mail address.

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