When did people get so rude to each other?

Submitted by Rebecca on 12/6/05 at 11:38 AM. ( woodlandtrophies@aol.com )

I hope this does not apply to all the Taxidermists out there, but I had the most horrible experience this morning.
I had a not so "pleasurable" experience with a tannery last year & wanted to do some more research & find another tannery to try this year. Thinking "Why not give a local the work?" was my first thought. So I called one of the other taxidermists in my area. I told him who I was asked if he did cape tanning in his studio. He did not. So I asked if he could share with me who he used & trusted. He tells me he does not indulge that information for the company they use are for licensed taxidermists only. Apparently he wasn't listening when I told him who I was. So I again said who I was & that I was a licensed taxidermist from his area. Here's where it gets interesting. He tells me, "Well why don't you use yours?" I told him I had a bad experience with the one I was using & was looking for another company ... - I then got cut off - "Well make some other calls & find another haha. Thanks for calling." He then hangs up on me.
Is this how everyone treats others in their profession? I would never hesitate to help out another in my field of work. After all we share the same passion. I was in no means trying to "steal" his business/customers nor was I ever rude to deserve such from him.
I don't know why I felt the need to share this with you all here, perhaps a mere note to all to not forget to remember the "others" out there. Again, we all share the same love for this business & want to deliver the best to our customers. So if another taxidermists call you for a little help or guidance, by all means help them out! For your words & actions portray all of us out there. Whether you think it does or not.

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Was the other taxidermists name George by chance?

This response submitted by GRfan....not on 12/6/05 at 11:51 AM. ( wefo@wef.com )


[expletive deleted]s!

This response submitted by D.Price on 12/6/05 at 11:53 AM. ( )

There are [expletive deleted]s in every profession, I wouldn't give it another thought. Not sure where you are located or who you used in the past, but I have used Carolina Fur for ever and have had no problems.

He is an exception

This response submitted by Jim Marsico on 12/6/05 at 11:56 AM. ( )

You should of been in taxidermy like I was in the 60's before shows and even NTA. NOBODY would share ANYTHING. Its light years better now with only minor and rare exceptions.

bad day?

This response submitted by wilson on 12/6/05 at 12:40 PM. ( )

I would think, i could call 50 taxidermist without getting hung up on;
And you got two in one day.

I was leaving the store today and some guy walked in front of my truck and flipped me off for no reason; where is the holiday cheer this year?

Rebecca where do you live?

This response submitted by Evelyn on 12/6/05 at 12:55 PM. ( )

Advantage Fur Dressing in Houston Texas is an outstanding tannery. Their number is 1- 713-868-3503.

Jim the early 80s not much better

This response submitted by paul e on 12/6/05 at 1:09 PM. ( amfpaul@bellsouth.net )

nobody would tell me anything either
trial and error
more error at first
a little blood,sweat and tears also
i look back and i cant believe what i went through
eventually i found books
tapes soon came out thank God
catalogs themselves were like gold
today i definately is easier to start up and get a point of reference
to which way to turn
this site is a Godsend and i guess its as good a time as any to thank
Ken Edwards and all the taxidermist that share what i know has been hard fought knowledge
paul e

Liar, liar, pants on fire?

This response submitted by Leah on 12/6/05 at 2:22 PM. ( )

Ya know, maybe, just maybe he doesn't even use a tannery. Just a feeling I'm getting about his hide and seek attitude. First he doesn't do any in house tanning and he won't give you the name of his tannery. That is just strange to me.

Thank you!

This response submitted by Rebecca on 12/6/05 at 3:03 PM. ( woodlandtrophies@aol.com )

I thank you all for the support you have shown! Thank you for the emails for tannerys you use, etc.
In the small town I live (Panama, NY), the other taxidermists seem to worry too much about competition & I have even heard of some back stabbing each other to take work. It makes it very discouraging. When I was attending the PA Inst. of Taxidermy, they started popping out of the woodwork to try & defeat me. I have stood strong & this year it is finally paying off!
As for a tannery, I spoke with a man from Wilderness Fur Dressing, Inc. & he was very polite & I am going to give them a try. It pays to be polite. I will let you all know how it turns out!

Added Note: If anyone here is a member of the NY Taxidermist Assoc. Could you please contact me?

Thank you all again!


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 12/7/05 at 12:19 AM. ( )

Unfortunately, not everyone is as willing to help as taxidermists in here are. Theres still plenty of taxidermists out there that have crooked necks from looking over their shoulder all the time. You did one of two things...either asked too many questions and hit a nerve, sounding like someone who should do their own homework and respect anothers' business privacy, or, more likely, you intimidated the hell out of the guy! Either way, thats how some guys do it. Theres certainly enough info available to make a good tannery choice. Good luck, and enjoy the NY state association, we have a good group.


This response submitted by Wally on 12/7/05 at 10:14 AM. ( muthagoose@hotmail.com )

Yep its not rocket science and we are woirking with dead crap...
When I took the teaching gig at the college a couple of the areas finest came in and complained that I was going to flood the area with competition,OMG I laughed and asked them IF they had seen the new videos and all the schools that offer.
As for backstabbing let em it only shows the are intimidated and usually doing a lower quality job.You willl also find out that usually the areas best is willing to help ya or IF you do good work send work your way.
Dont pay any attention to others stick to it in the long run it pays off!

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