Brain Tanning

Submitted by MichelleW on 12/12/05 at 12:08 PM. ( )

I was reading through the recent posts on here and I was looking at the one about How the indians tan hides. Could some one tell me how a deers brain will tan a hide? What is in the brain that does this? Is it realy tanning it? I have never attempted to brain tan anything but I have heard a lot about it... Don't think I ever will but I am just curious if anyone knew....

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Pattented answer

This response submitted by Mr.T on 12/12/05 at 12:24 PM. ( )

Go to , They like to tan caveman style, the experts are there. Now if you want to know modern ways to tan, the knowledgeable people are here.

check this site

This response submitted by Marc R on 12/12/05 at 12:32 PM. ( )

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